Foodpanda refuses to refund man who ordered fish soup but received Thai food his family can't eat

Submitted by Stomper Jimmy

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A man ordered fish soup for dinner but was shocked when he received Thai food containing ingredients he and his family cannot consume.

Stomper Jimmy shared with Stomp that he had ordered two bowls of fish soup and fried fish udon from Chai Original Sliced Fish Soup in Food Republic at Shaw House on Oct 6.

He placed the order via Foodpanda and paid $25.88.

"My order ended up being delayed for more than an hour yet in the end, they sent me a totally wrong order," he said.

"There were shredded chicken noodles and Thai food with peanuts in it which my family members are allergic to."

He brought the matter up with Foodpanda but struggled to come to a resolution.

"I checked with Foodpanda and they just refused to refund me!"

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