Customer has frustrating convo with Foodpanda agent after getting wrong Domino's pizza order

Submitted by Stomper Andrew

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A man was left frustrated after receiving a wrong order and unable to resolve the matter.

Stomper Andrew shared with Stomp that on Aug 19, he had ordered two pizzas with a Classic Hand Tossed crust via Foodpanda but received thin crust pizzas instead.

When he contacted customer service regarding the matter, he was caught in an endless loop of being told by the representative that they cannot help him.

"The wrong pizzas were delivered and Foodpanda refused to take responsibility and asked me to contact the restaurant directly myself," said Andrew.

"They refused to provide aftersales service and asked me to do everything myself instead."

Andrew was stuck with the wrong order he paid $31.30 for because he could not contact Domino's pizza either.

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