Foodpanda delivery guy takes other rider's helmet from bike at Defu Lane 10

Submitted by Stomper Radzi

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A man wearing a Foodpanda uniform was caught on video taking a helmet that was placed on a motorcycle parked outside Centas Trading at Block 2 Defu Lane 10 on Saturday (Jan 26) at about 5.18pm.

Stomper Radzi, the owner of the helmet, alerted Stomp to the incident and shared CCTV footage catching the supposed delivery rider in the act.

(Story continues after video)

In the video, the delivery guy is seen walking past Radzi's motorbike while looking around.

He then comes back and passes by the bike again, this time casually picking up the Stomper's helmet as he walks on out of the frame.

"I was shocked when I found my helmet was missing," said Radzi who is an employee at Centas Trading.

"I have left my motorcycle and helmet like that for the past four years and nobody has ever taken it."

He added that he did not know how he was going to get home to Johor Bahru, Malaysia without his helmet.

In the end, he managed to borrow one from another person.

He told Stomp that he will not be making a police report as he does not want to affect the delivery guy's livelihood.

"I know my helmet is cheap," he said.

"Please give it back to me.

"I won't do anything to you."