Food deliverymen, taxi driver share the kindness and gifts they received from strangers

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There isn't anyone who hasn't been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Which is why it is all the more important to be kind and respectful in these trying times.

Several Stompers, who are all essential workers, have shared the various acts of kindness that they experienced recently.

Stomper PandaGuy, who works for Foodpanda, said his first customer of the day on Saturday (Apr 18) treated him to a cup of iced tea.

PandaGuy recounted: "I was delivering an order in Fernvale at around 10.30am. A woman had ordered a toast breakfast set along with two drinks.

"I did my delivery as per usual but as I wanted to take my leave, she stopped me and insisted on giving me one of the drinks that she had ordered.

"It was such a heartwarming gesture. It's rare to find such a thoughtful and kind customer nowadays. Thank you, madam, for looking out for the delivery riders."

This is similar to what another Deliveroo experienced:

Stomper Derek, a GrabFood rider, also met a kind soul on Saturday at Punggol Plaza.

He Derek shared: "A few of GrabFood riders received a packet of face masks and a red packet from a man who was wearing a white shirt and in spectacles.

"Thank you so much!"

Meanwhile, Stomper Poh recounted how a stranger gave out FairPrice vouchers, face masks and hand sanitisers to cabbies at a taxi stand in Tampines on April 11.

This occurred outside Tampines One shopping mall at around 9pm.

Poh said: "A young lady gifted this to all taxi drivers who were in the taxi stand queue.

"After giving out the gifts, she left in a white BMW.

"Thank you so much, young lady. It is deeply appreciated how you lent a helping hand in such circumstances."

More recently, Stomper Peter said a woman gave out curry puffs to food delivery riders at Tiong Bahru Plaza on Monday (Apr 20), at around 4pm.

The Deliveroo rider told Stomp: "This Malay lady still had a full bag of curry puffs with her even after giving them out to us.

"It's a very nice gesture from her and very noble of her to do this for delivery riders. It also means that Singaporeans are binding together to overcome the Covid-19 crisis."

Stomper Peter had also previously shared how a stranger gave him $10 after seeing him waiting to pick up a delivery order at a restaurant."

Kindness is a priceless gift indeed!