Stranger gives Deliveroo rider $10 after seeing him waiting to pick up order at restaurant

Submitted by Stomper Peter Yeo

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A little kindness goes a long way, especially in such difficult times when everyone is affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Stomper Peter Yeo, a Deliveroo rider, was extremely touched by a stranger's act of kindness when he was out at work on Thursday (Apr 16), at around 7pm.

He was picking up a customer's order at an Italian restaurant along River Valley Road when the incident occurred.

Peter told Stomp: "A European lady was also picking up her food order. She gave me $10 and told me to have a nice day.

"It made my day better to know that we food delivery riders are appreciated by some people as we are always on the road to make ends meet."

Peter said that his brother is a Stage 4 lung cancer patient, adding: "The woman is a Good Samaritan whose kind act has made a difference to my hard life.

"I hope to thank her by sharing this on Stomp."

In a separate incident on Tuesday (Apr 14), Stomper Thomas, a GrabFood deliveryman, shared how a customer had treated him and his fellow riders to bubble tea as well as left a $5 tip.

"There is still love when times are bad," said Thomas.