Fire breaks out at Bedok North Road unit with "vast accumulation of combustible items"

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A fire broke out in a unit on the 18th floor of Block 180 Bedok North Road on Wednesday (March 6).

Several Stompers, including a resident who lives opposite the affected block, contributed videos and photos of the blaze.

In a Facebook post, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to fire at around 1.20pm.

"SCDF firefighters wearing breathing apparatus sets had to conduct forcible entry to gain access into the unit," it added.

"The fire had engulfed the entire unit due to the vast accumulation of combustible items within it."

(Photo: SCDF)

According to the SCDF, this impeded firefighters' movement within the unit as they "had to carefully manoeuvre over the heaps of items to conduct firefighting operations."

The fire was extinguished with two water jets and two compressed air foam backpacks.

Around 50 people staying on the 16th to 20th storeys were evacuated by the police. They were subsequently allowed to return home.

No injuries were reported and the SCDF is investigating the cause of the fire.

"The excessive accumulation of combustible items within a unit can block escape paths and hinder firefighting efforts," added the SCDF.

Residents are also advised not to accumulate combustible items such as newspapers, furniture and clothes within their units as these can fuel a fire, resulting in serious -- and sometimes life-threatening -- damage.

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