FB user accuses military vehicle of 'nearly causing accident', gets flamed instead

A Facebook user posted a video to call out a military vehicle for supposedly 'nearly causing an accident', but drew flak from netizens instead.

Desmond Ng uploaded a video of the incident that occurred along Nanyang Avenue on Feb 27, at around 5.04pm.


In his Facebook post on Wednesday (March 4), Ng said that the "military vehicle driver nearly caused an accident to my brother’s car" by "filtering back to middle lane abruptly without checking for side vehicles".

The post has since garnered over 170 shares and 480 comments, majority of which criticised Ng and his brother.

Many netizens lambasted Ng's brother for the way he had been driving.

Others also chided Ng for being "self-entitled" and trying to 'sabotage' the military vehicle driver by posting the video online.

They also told him to be more understanding and let the matter go instead of creating a fuss.

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