Not-cautious driver crashes into 'caution' sign, posts video and asks where's road safety

A neon orange sign urging motorists to be cautious of ongoing works was placed along a road -- but a driver crashed into it anyway.

The driver then uploaded a video of the collision in a Facebook post on Monday (April 29).

He wrote: "This is the correct way to put up signage... well done... no one check? safety sleeping?? Road safety where?? (sic)"

The Facebook user, whose status was "feeling angry", tagged Singapore General Hospital as the location.

In the video, he can be heard cursing the road sign for being placed in the middle of the road and is later seen exiting his vehicle to inspect the damage.

The driver's original Facebook post appears to be no longer available, though SG Road Vigilante shared screenshots of it.

Netizens have slammed the driver for not being careful, with one commenting: "Since you at SGH aledy.. Pls go Singapore National Eye Centre. U need it (sic)".

However, the driver explained that he did see the sign:

He also said that he "advised" the workers to place more cones for their own safety.