Fan sorely disappointed by how Domo dish looks like in reality compared to menu

Submitted by Stomper Noah

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Some of us may have experienced that sinking feeling when you realise what you ordered looks nothing like what was advertised.

Stomper Noah experienced that intense disappointment recently when he ordered a "Domo Potato" at Hei Sushi's Sembawang Shopping Centre on Saturday evening (Feb 23).

Noah, who is a huge Domo fan, told Stomp that what he got was "100 per cent different" from what the menu showed.

Domo-kun is a Japanese character that was initially the official mascot of Japanese television station NHK. It has since grown to become a pop culture icon.

Initially, Noah was excited to see the "Domo Potato" in the menu and decided to get one.

He shared a photo of how different the item looked like when it arrived at his table.

"It is 100 per cent different from the menu let alone the original Domo character," he said.

"I am a Domo fan and I am offended by this misleading photo in the menu."

He shared with Stomp a photo of merchandise he has collected to show what Domo is actually supposed to look like.

Stomp has reached out to the restaurant for comment.