Stall owner responds to incident of woman getting chicken drumstick instead of duck drumstick

Submitted by Stomper AW

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Stomper AW bought roast duck drumstick noodles as a takeaway lunch, but was left ruffled when she realised that she had been given a chicken drumstick instead.

AW told Stomp that she purchased the meal from the food court on the basement level of the Singtel Shop Comcentre on Monday (Oct 22), at around 1.40pm.

It cost $6.20, including 20 cents for the takeaway box.

Said the Stomper: "To my surprise, this was given to me... A few slices of duck breast meat and a chicken drumstick!!!

"I do not cook but I still can tell the difference.... and I even double confirmed it with a roasted food seller at my place! Confirm plus chop... IT IS CHICKEN!!!!"

Photos that AW sent to Stomp show meat of two different shades.

It is unclear how much roast chicken drumstick noodles would cost at the same stall, but duck is typically more expensive than chicken at dining establishments.

Asked if the stall could have made an honest mistake, AW, on the contrary, said she suspects fowl play.

She explained: "Call it my sixth sense or whatever, but I already felt like something was 'off' when they were preparing my order.

"I saw that they were packing a drumstick but did not know it was chicken.

"If you are sold out of duck drumsticks, just tell me and I would have gladly changed my order," said AW, adding that she had previously bought other dishes from the stall with no issues.

Responding to Stomper AW's feedback, one of the owners of the stall said the management has since conducted an inquiry with its staff.

According to the stall owner, the staff "have no recollection that they might have made any mistakes for the orders on Monday."

"However, we do believe that our cashier might have misheard Ms AW’s order and therefore proceeded with the order erroneously, as this is her first week on the job and our supervisor happened to be on leave on this particular Monday," he clarified.

"We would like to seek your understanding that to err is human, and our cashier had asserted firmly that she had never intentionally overcharged or shortchanged our customers, nor would she have any incentives to do so.

"Nevertheless, we take responsibility that ultimately you were not served the food that you have ordered, and we’re sorry that your meal was not as enjoyable as we hoped it would be."

He also said that Stomper AW can get a full refund of $6.20 by approaching the stall, and further explained there was no price difference between Stomper AW's intended order and what she received.

"We would like to point out that Ms AW’s order of Roasted Duck Drumstick Noodle costs $6.20 ($6 with $0.20 takeaway charges).

"The mistaken order – Roasted Chicken Drumstick Noodle with Roasted Duck Add-on costs $6.20 as well ($4.50 + $1.50 add-on + $0.20 takeaway charges).

"For people who doubt these prices, please feel free to check our prices at the store. There were no price differences between the two orders, and it was indeed merely a mistake during ordering."