Fan blade breaks off, spins out of casing 'dangerously' and lands 3m away with 'huge force'

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It could have hurt someone.

A piece of a fan blade broke off while in use and flew out of its casing, landing 3m away with a "huge force".

Stomper Desir shared photos of the standing fan after the incident.

"My three-year-old Tefal fan started behaving slightly wobbly and a loud explosion-like sound was heard from the fan shortly after," recounted the Stomper.

"A piece of the fan blade had broken off during operation at the lowest speed. It crashed into the casing, which was detached from the fan.

"The fan blade then landed 3m away from the fan with a huge force.

The Stomper contacted Groupe SEB, which owns Tefal.

The after-sales support team replied in an email: "We understand that your fan was purchased three years ago. We would like to ensure that all our products sold in the market have been tested safe before it's being sold in the market.

"We are unable to determine what caused your fan blade to spin and crack as probability of such incident occurring is very low.

"You may also consider purchasing just the fan blade should you decide to continue using the fan."

The Stomper was also asked how frequently she used, cleaned and maintained the product as well as whether any parts were replaced.

She replied that the fan was used daily from 9pm to 8.30am, cleaned every two to three weeks and no mechanical maintenance and no parts replacement was done

"As for the purchasing of the fan blade, I am not really keen on it because I do not want to repair a product that has proven to be a danger," said the Stomper in her email to the company.

The company replied: "We are only able to conclude based on the current information provided, the preliminary assessment that it could be a case of product wear and tear over time rather than a manufacturing defect.

"We understand your concern raised to replacing the fan blade. As the fan is already past the two-year warranty, we suggest you may purchase another new fan if required."

The Stomper shared screenshots of the emails.

"Buyers beware," she said.

"If it were the motor, a main moving part, that broke down, then I can understand. This is like the third fan I used in a decade. Other brands, all similar usage, but previously it was the motor that stopped working or the casing got rusty which I could replace, and not the fan blade breaking off and spinning out so dangerously at such a dangerous force.

"Tefal should have at least investigated by sending someone down to take a look. Or at the very least offer a complimentary replacement of a substitute model because the product has proven to be a danger."

Stomper has contacted Groupe SEB for more info.

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