CCTV shows Ikea glass shattering near baby seat: 'What if my baby was there and it exploded?'

Submitted by Stomper Evon

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An Ikea glass left on a table shattered on its own and it was caught on video.

Stomper Evon shared a video of the incident on Jan 28.

"At around 2.30pm, I gave my baby tea-time snacks," recounted the Stomper, who sat with her child at the dining table and finished her glass of orange juice.

She then went to put her baby to bed.

"Around 3.30pm, the empty glass suddenly exploded near the baby seat," said the Stomper.

"Pieces of shattered glass were on the baby seat and floor. At first, I thought a glass fell on the ground in the kitchen. Then I came to realise that the broken glass was on the table.

"We checked the CCTV and realised it exploded without any outside force.

"What if my baby was there and it exploded? The pieces of glass could have hurt my baby. This is very dangerous."

She added that the glass was bought last year.

Similar incidents involving Ikea glass products have been reported by Stomp before.

In August 2022, an Ikea glass bottle suddenly "burst" in a Stomper's fridge.

In January 2021, a Stomper reported that the glass in a cabinet from Ikea "just exploded and shattered for no reason".

In November 2020, another Stomper said that an Ikea drinking glass "shattered and exploded" about five minutes after it was filled with ice cubes.

In response to Stomp queries regarding these previous cases, an Ikea spokesperson said that tempered glass is used in most household products because it generally does not break into uneven shards but instead, shatters into small pieces.

However, tension caused by a strike, a knock or a scratch stays in the glass and a very small impact can make it shatter unexpectedly. This happens rarely but is a well-known industry issue, added the spokesperson.

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