Elmark ceiling fan light cover crashes down onto table in middle of night: 'Glass was all over'

Submitted by Stomper El Mesa

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A homeowner was startled when a ceiling fan light cover came loose and fell onto his dining table in the middle of the night.

Sharing photos of the fan and broken pieces of the glass table top, Stomper El Mesa said he had bought the fan from Elmark Marketing a number of years ago and wanted to share what happened for the safety of others who own the same fan.

He recounted: "A loud glass-breaking crash was heard in the middle of the night.

"We rushed downstairs and found our fan glass light cover had crashed and smashed our glass dining table. Glass was all over the table leg and chair on my carpet.

"The fan was not even turned on. We had visitors dining here the night before and it could have been a catastrophic disaster if it had happened then.

"The next day, I called the supplier, Elmark, only to be told that they have stopped supplying this model. I told them that my concern was more for other existing users. Someone can be seriously injured or even killed.

"As I have another of the same fan in the living room. I sought Elmark's help to remove the glass light cover for fear that this glass cover would fall and crash next.

"The concern is the danger of this product that is not recalled and is still being used in many homes. Elmark should also take some safety precautions for other existing owners.

"After a week passed with no response from Elmark, I decided to contribute this here so that other owners may take safety precautions in their own homes.

"Elmark also refused to help remove the glass light cover of my other fan in the living room. I fear it crashing down."

Stomp has contacted Elmark for more info.

In 2019, more than 500 units of ceiling fans from 17 models by Elmark Marketing were recalled for safety issues such as potentially falling, electrocuting someone or causing a fire. Fan blades could also come loose when in use and cause cuts. No injuries were reported.