Ceiling fan falls apart and sends pieces flying, damaging Bidadari resident's walls and windows

Submitted by Stomper Sandy

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A Bidadari resident was in her room with her newborn when she heard a loud crash on Nov 26.

To her horror, she discovered her ceiling fan dismantled with pieces lying on the floor after it had broken down while it was in use.

Stomper Sandy shared a video of the incident, showing pieces flying across her living room.

Fortunately, Sandy's two older children had gone out with her sister and her helper was out so nobody was injured.

However, she said her walls, windows, flooring and television were all either scratched or chipped.

"I sat on my sofa for a few minutes trying to process what had just happened and I have no words to describe how I felt thinking we harrowingly escaped a potentially fatal situation," she said.

The Stomper said the fan was a PO Eco Fan EX Gale and that the family had bought it four years ago. She does not recall how much the fan originally cost.

After reaching out to Point One Technology, the company that produces PO Eco Fan, she said that they sent over workers to change the fan for her family but did not give any explanation on why or how the incident happened and how to avoid it.

"All the brand did was to push the blame to the installers, saying they did a bad job with no supporting explanation," Sandy said.

"Even when I questioned them back on the crack and not the screws, they had no answer.

"After the incident, they said that they would get back to me but after more than a week, we didn't hear back.

"When they finally got back to agreeing to a compensation of $5,000 and taking back the fan, they deleted the message.

"We agreed to the $5,000 and said no to the removal of the fan because their technician told us that our structure may not withhold any more drilling so of course we are not taking any risk with our home's structure."

"We are very disappointed and appalled that we gave them time and they told us that a solution will be in the best interest of both parties and despite explaining to them the $5k is to cover the damages done not even the mental stress we went through? 

"They sent us a lawyer's letter with details we can dispute, calling us opportunists.

"But we want to iterate firmly that no amount can make up for what we went through.

"The amount of inconsistencies in this incident they provided were frustrating and gaslighting.

"The least they could do is to be responsible for their product and not try to deflect the responsibility to other parties."

Sandy said that they did not receive the compensation they sought in the end and no longer want any compensation.

Instead, they want to spread awareness of what happened to other consumers so that similar incidents can be avoided.

"No one should ever have to go through this," she said.

On Dec 22, Point One Technology's co-founder and in-charge of sales addressed the incident in a Facebook video.

They said they responded to the incident by sending their technician to the resident's home as soon as possible.

The technician then found that the third-party installer had allegedly only used two screws instead of the recommended four screws.

They then alleged that the client demanded $5,000.

The co-founder, JY Lim said he wanted to pay the $5,000 to 'sweep it under the rug and call it a day'.

However, after talking to his colleagues and close ones, he decided that it would be an injustice to everyone's effort. 

In the post's caption, they wrote that they believed they 'went above and beyond' to help their client in this situation but said they 'refuse to give in to any opportunistic demand'.

They also wanted to assure their customers that they prioritise safety above everything.

Our Response to Unjust $5000 Demands [Full Video] Addressing Concerns: Our video provides clarity on recent matters. We appreciate your ongoing support as we navigate this challenging situation with utmost fairness and transparency. We believe we have went above and beyond to help our client in this situation. While this circumstance falls outside of our direct control, we deeply regret any inconvenience this incident have caused. As much as the situation is sensitive and tough, we refuse to give in to any opportunistic demand. This is our way of telling everyone, including ourselves, that we will not back down to anything unjust. We know that some of you may feel uneasy about the aforementioned issue but allow us to assure you that we prioritize safety above everything. We were once taught that conscientiousness should guide the way we do businesses and this is the very statement we hold true to. Thank you. - Point One Technology

Posted by P.O. ECO FAN on Friday, December 22, 2023