Family's NYE ruined after Ryde driver collects turkey meal from restaurant, but only delivers naan and wine

Submitted by Stomper Shanthi

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Ryde team visits Stomper, gives her $200 token of goodwill after driver delivers incomplete NYE dinner

Original article:

A family's New Year's Eve dinner was ruined after a Ryde delivery man failed to deliver all the food items they had ordered from a restaurant in Little India.

Stomper Shanthi shared that her family had arranged for RydeSEND to collect their food from Muthu's Curry at Race Course Road to be delivered to her home in Pasir Ris.

They had paid $18.60 for the delivery service.

She said her family had ordered a Tandoori Turkey set on Dec 1 to be delivered on Dec 31. They paid a total of $161.90 for the meal but ended up only receiving the naan and wine.

When the driver collected their food from the restaurant, he took a photo showing two packages of food items and posted it in the Ryde app as evidence.

However, when he arrived at her family's home, he took a photo of only one package left on a cabinet, uploaded it to the app and wrote: "Called but no pick up."

The red bag containing the turkey was nowhere to be seen.

"He delivered the food but did not call us or press the doorbell but instead left the food at the entrance of our flat," Shanthi said.

Since the delivery was completed, Shanthi was unable to contact the driver.

"There was no contact number for Ryde help or support to reach them," she said.

"We had to send several messages via the Ryde app and email but there is still no response from them."

"It was supposed to be our New Year's Eve family dinner which turned out to be very disappointing and spoilt our day."

She added that she was very frustrated that no one could reach out to Ryde and that they did not get a single response to their multiple emails.

On Jan 3 they finally got a response from Ryde but Shanthi said it was 'disappointing'.

In a message reply seen by Stomp, Ryde apologised for the inconvenience and frustration caused by the missing items in their delivery.

"Upon investigation, we checked with the driver involved, and it was reported that the store personnel only handed over one item for delivery," Ryde said.

"However, we understand the importance of your missing item, and we acknowledge that this situation should have been handled more effectively."

Ryde said that the driver has received a strike on their record and that they will continue to monitor and provide additional training to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Shanthi refuted that the driver only picked up only one item as two packages were seen in the collection photo.

"The driver picked up two items and there's evidence but now they are saying he only collected one of them," she said.