Man orders bento sets but Foodpanda delivery rider turns up at his door with just drinks

Submitted by Stomper Eng

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Update on Dec 19:

A Foodpanda spokesperson told Stomp that the issue has been resolved and that the customer has been provided a refund for the missing items. 

Original article:

A Foodpanda customer was disappointed when he ordered two bento sets via Foodpanda and only received two drinks.

Stomper Eng had ordered the bento sets from I Love Taimei at Waterway Point on Dec 13.

"Despite me showing proof that the rider was clearly carrying only two drinks in the plastic bag to deliver to me, Foodpanda did not wish to refund me and no further action will be taken by them," he said.

He added that he reached out to Foodpanda repeatedly to point out that his food was missing from his order but was informed that they would not be able to process a refund.

"This is an obvious case of Foodpanda rider issue but at the expense of the customer," he said.

"Is Foodpanda running a scam these days?"