GrabFood delivery man wants customers to know it's not their job to check if orders are correct

Submitted by Stomper Peter

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A food delivery man wants customers to know that is not their responsibility to open up food orders to check if they are packed correctly.

They are not supposed to in the interest of food safety.

Stomper Peter shared screenshots of a message sent by a customer who messaged him informing him that he had received regular french fries instead of the cheese fries he had ordered from Shake Shack on Dec 24.

In his reply, Peter advised the customer to report the matter to Grab and not to him.

"I only take the order and deliver to [you]," he wrote.

"I don't cook it, I don't pack it... so it's not my fault that merchant/restaurant does a mistake (sic)."

According to Grab, their delivery partners are required to check that orders are sealed and are not allowed to open food packaging.

Peter also wanted to highlight another issue in which some vendors pack cold drinks together with food in paper bags.

"Due to the water condensation, most of the time, the paper bag will give way before it reaches the customer.

"Recycling and saving the environment cannot be at the expense of riders and customers."