Ryde team visits Stomper, gives her $200 token of goodwill after driver delivers incomplete NYE dinner

Ryde has made good with one of its customers after a Stomp report on how her family's New Year's Eve dinner was 'ruined' after a delivery driver failed to deliver all the food items they had ordered from a Little India restaurant.

In the earlier Stomp article, Stomper Shanthi shared that she was disappointed after paying $18.60 for RydeSEND to deliver a Tandoori Turkey set from Muthu's Curry at Race Course Road.

Her family had paid a total of $161.90 for the meal but ended up only receiving naan and wine.

The driver had taken a photo of two packages at the restaurant during pick-up but only delivered a single bag to her home.

On Jan 3, Shanthi received a response from Ryde apologising for the inconvenience and frustration caused by the missing items in the delivery.

The driver also received a strike on his record and Ryde said they will continue to monitor and provide additional training to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

On Jan 5, Ryde reached out to Stomp to share that their team promptly contacted Shanthi and offered a 'token of goodwill' as a gesture to address the inconvenience she experienced.

"Today, we had the privilege of meeting with Ms Shanthi personally," the spokesperson said.

"During our conversation, Ms. Shanthi expressed her gratitude for our swift response to the matter.

"She specifically highlighted our team's personal visit as a demonstration of our genuine concern and dedication to resolving the situation.

"Importantly, Ms. Shanthi emphasised that the incident was an isolated occurrence.

"She spoke positively about her longstanding experiences with our platform and reaffirmed her commitment to remain a loyal user of Ryde."

Shanthi also updated Stomp on the visit and said that the Ryde team apologised to her in person and gave her $200.

"The issue has been resolved," she said.