Family offering reward for missing pet lovebird: 'We have been unable to sleep well'

Submitted by Stomper Wilson

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A family is distraught after their pet lovebird flew from their home at Rivervale Crescent on Aug 31.

They are offering a reward for its safe return.

Stomper Wilson told Stomp that the lovebird named Enen is "still a young bird and cannot survive by itself outside."

He added that it is capable of full flight and could potentially be anywhere in Singapore although it was last seen flying towards Punggol from Rivervale Crescent.

Enen has a red head, green body, and a "very distinctive" orange tail.

Wilson said the photo he shared of Enen was taken three months ago and that her colours are much more vibrant now, especially the red on her head.

"My family is distraught and we have been unable to sleep well for the past few nights," Wilson said.

If you have seen Enen, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.