Family of Block 252 Compassvale extend their living space... to the corridor

Submitted by Stomper AK

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A family staying on the fourth storey of Block 252 Compassvale Street has been obstructing the common corridor with household items and plants.

Stomper AK alerted Stomp to what happened and sent us photos of items that the family has placed outside the flat.

In several photos, a row of plants can be seen along the corridor. 

The Stomper said in a telephone interview that there were around 10 to 12 pots of plants based on what he can recall.

Household items, including a huge pail as well as a laundry basket, can be seen beside a cupboard outside the unit.

The family had also placed two laundry racks at the staircase landing at the end of the corridor.

AK said that the items serve as obstacles that might obstruct the movement of residents. His elderly mother-in-law is staying on the same floor as that of the family.

He elaborated about the actions of the residents: "The smell of laundry detergent is very strong whenever we walk past, especially in the morning and afternoon. Also, their plants are as high as the ceiling."