Biker bros... you're so NOT cool for doing this

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Several bikers were caught on camera testing their motorcycles at a junction of a carpark near Block 363 Tampines Street 34 yesterday (Aug 20) at around 3.40pm.

In the video recorded by a Stomper, one biker can be heard revving his vehicle for several seconds. Another biker then did the same moments later.

A man was filming the motorcyclists in action at the junction.

After the halfway mark of the video, a car entered the carpark, and its driver had to slow down due to the presence of the bikers.

More revving could be heard towards the end of the video as the group continued on with their bike-testing.

There were three black circles that looked like tyre markings on the carpark where the bikers were at. 

It is unclear, however, if they were the result of the group's activity.