Fallen trees block motorists' way at TPE exit towards Yio Chu Kang and Punggol Rd

Submitted by Stomper TS, Stevie, Ah Bao

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Heavy rain and winds have wrecked havoc on Singapore trees once again.

Stomper TS was in a taxi exiting the Tampines Expressway (TPE) today (Jan 30) at around 5.15pm when they saw a fallen tree had blocked the exit towards Yio Chu Kang.

"We were all stuck there for some time as nobody could pass the tree that had fallen across the road," said the Stomper.

In the end, TS told Stomp that the drivers of the vehicles slowly started backing up onto the TPE.

"The taxi driver reversed back onto the TPE and took the Central Expressway instead," he said.

Stomper Stevie was on his way to fetch his daughter when he encountered a big tree that had fallen across Punggol Road at around 5.20pm.

"It caused a long stretch of jam along Punggol Road leading to Punggol Jetty.

At 5.5.45pm, he was still stuck there.

"It is the only way in," he said.

In the heartlands, Stomper Ah Bao sent photos to Stomp of a tree that had fallen onto a playground at Block 114 Yishun Ring Rd at around 5.10pm.

Stay safe, and watch your heads!

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