Elvin Ng, Chen Hanwei and celebs lift Pang LingLing -- with just two fingers each

It is hard enough to lift someone using all our strength. But if we were told to do that with just a few fingers?

Local actors Elvin Ng, Chen Hanwei and other celebrities seemingly did just that in a recent video.

The clip, posted by Elvin on his Facebook page, shows him, Chen Hanwei and two other stars trying to lift actress Pang Lingling with just two fingers each.

They are unable to do so.

However, they start placing their hands above her head.

After a brief countdown, they again attempt to lift her with just two fingers each, but are successful on this try.

The four guys manage to lift Pang Linging high up above her chair.

The actress is seen exclaiming in surprise, while the men seem clearly stunned by their own feat.

Elvin even stated in his post's caption: 

"How is this possible?! Can anyone enlighten me? Is it because we were more in sync?"