Durian seller and others rush to help auntie who fell to ground in Bishan

Submitted by Stomper Joe

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A man was in the middle of purchasing some durian when the fruit seller suddenly dropped everything and ran off.

The Stomper was heartened to see that he was rushing to help an elderly woman who had fallen down nearby.

Stomper Joe shared a video of the incident that happened near Block 513 Bishan Street 13 on Sunday (July 23) at about 6pm.

"The man in a green T-shirt was selling durian to me halfway when he saw an auntie fall and left me alone to go and help," he said.

"The woman fell down due to losing leg strength and sat on the ground.

"However, a lot of people passed by and did not provide any help.

"This young man from the durian stall crossed the road to help the auntie.

"Just nice, there was an ambulance team nearby dealing with other old folks.

"After that, they passed the woman's care to them."