Couple graciously offer to teach teenagers how to kayak at Sembawang Beach

Submitted by Stomper Viva

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A Stomper was touched by a heartwarming act of kindness at Sembawang Beach on Sunday (July 16).

Stomper Viva said she was strolling along the beach when she noticed a couple with a Japanese Spitz dog engaging in a delightful kayaking adventure.

"What caught my attention, however, was their remarkable act of inclusiveness," she said.

"They not only embraced the joy of their own experience but also extended an open invitation to others who wished to try kayaking.

"I witnessed three teenage boys who were filled with curiosity and eagerness to give it a try.

"To my astonishment, this couple graciously offered their kayaks to the boys and took the time to teach them the basics of kayaking.

"It was a beautiful sight to behold as the boy gleefully paddled along with newfound confidence, guided by their kind mentors."

Viva said the incident touched and warmed her heart, to witness such selfless acts of kindness and the genuine care this couple displayed.

"Their generosity and willingness to share their joy and knowledge with others exemplifies the true spirit of unity and community," she said.

"I felt compelled to share this heartening incident with Stomp as it reminded me of the goodness that exists in humanity.

"It's these simple yet profound gestures that can brighten someone's day and restore faith in the kindness of strangers."