Random uncle helps passers-by into their cabs outside Tampines 1, makes Stomper's day

Submitted by Stomper Calliope

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A Stomper was touched after seeing a man helping passengers into taxis outside Tampines 1 shopping mall on Wednesday (July 12).

Stomper Calliope said she was at the pick-up and drop-off point when she saw an uncle helping two passengers into their respective taxis.

"He was wearing a striped tee, cargo shorts and slippers with swollen feet (poor guy)," she said.

"He stuck around to look for more passengers and then approached me and asked me if I was waiting for a cab.

"I smiled, shook my head and he lingered nearby as I waited on a bench for my Gojek."

Calliope continued to observe the man for the next 10 minutes and saw him steadily continuing to help others into cars and closing the doors for them enthusiastically.

"This continued until I got into my Gojek and I wondered if he was a part-time cab service staff or just being nice due to the rainy weather," she said.

"Either way, he was at Tampines 1 with a red umbrella.

"I'm touched by his efforts and I would've tipped him if I had cash on hand.

"Kudos to him for wanting to brighten the day."