Driver of black BMW SQ42P changes lanes without signalling, tries to make right turn even when traffic light is red

Submitted by Stomper Joyce

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Stomper Joyce was shocked when a black BMW with licence plate SQ42P changed lanes and attempted a sudden turn without first engaging the signal light.

The incident happened yesterday (Feb 10) between 9.10pm to 9.15pm.

The reckless driving was captured by a dashboard camera on Joyce’s vehicle and subsequently submitted to Stomp. 

In the video, the black BMW could be seen changing lanes on the highway without engaging the signal lights, and then attempting to make a turn later too without signalling -- despite the traffic light being red. 

Said Joyce:

“Fortunately, there were no accidents, but how lucky can one get?

“The driver should be taught a lesson.”

Watch a video of the reckless driver below.