Cabby gone bonkers? He repeatedly reverses and rams into cars in front of Old Airport Road Food Centre

Submitted by Stomper Alex, Rashid, Kevin, Rinns, Dale

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Stompers Alex, Rashid, Rinns and Dale alerted Stomp to a video that has been circulating on WhatsApp of a taxi driver repeatedly reversing then ramming into a car pileup in front of Old Airport Road Food Centre today (Feb 11) at around 10am.

It is unclear what caused the cabby to repeat this bizarre behaviour but Stomp understands that five vehicles were involved and nobody was injured in the incident.

The video begins showing the taxi as part of a pileup involving a car and another taxi.

The cabby then proceeds to reverse and drive forward to hit the silver car twice, further damaging the other vehicle.

He also damages another car that is parked behind him while reversing.

The video ends when two police officers rush over to him and he opens his vehicle door to get out.

Stomper Kevin also submitted a video of the incident from a different angle.

Watch the videos below.