I just ask you give way, why must you jam on the brakes on purpose and spew vulgarities?

Another day, another encounter with an unreasonably selfish driver on the road.

The following minute-long video uploaded by Facebook user SK to Roads.sg, shows a car owner of vehicle SJG8867H being extremely stubborn on the road -- jamming on the brakes on purpose countless times, and finally getting out of his car to 'fight'.

All this simply because he refused to give way to SK's oncoming car, despite his signals.

According to the post, the incident took place on Sunday (Feb 5) at approximately 6pm, along Marine Parade Road.

Said SK in his Facebook post:

"This car SJG8867H turned out from the side road straight into the third lane despite my warning lights as I was approaching fast.

"Unhappy, he jammed brakes several times recklessly. I had to apply emergency brakes in order to avoid collision.

"He then pretended to move to the left lane but turned back into the right most lane and jammed on the brakes again.

"He even got the guts to stop the car in the middle of the road/traffic and come out to challenge me to a fight outside the car; meanwhile spewing all sorts of vulgarities at me.

"Please warn others of this type of thugs on the road."

What are your thoughts on the situation? Watch the video below, and share with us in the comments below!