Haha you got wheel clamped! Serves you right for hoarding 3 parking lots at Ngee Ann City

Submitted by Stomper Hisham

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Stomper Hisham was at the Ngee Ann City car park at around 12.45pm today (Feb 3) when he witnessed one of the most selfish drivers ever.

He noticed vehicle SDB898T taking up three parking lots at the basement 2 car park, next to area G13.

Wondering how?

If you take a look at the pictures, you will realise the car was unusually parked sideways -- how brilliant eh?

Said the Stomper:

"The car park was already so full and this guy took up three parking lots.

"He caused so much inconvenience to the many cars waiting for a lot. Many were so angry.

"When I came back to the car park at around 1.15pm, the car was still parked there -- but it was wheel clamped."

Well that is what you get for being a 'brilliant' driver. Hopefully this teaches that driver a lesson.