Driver nearly hit by double-decker bus after beating red light at Joo Koon

A driver nearly met with an accident with a double-decker bus after beating a red light at Joo Koon Circle.

The incident was said to have taken place on 19 Dec at around 5.47pm, according to Ricky Teo, who posted the video in the SG Roads Vigilante Facebook group.

The video shows a black car beating the red light and almost getting hit by a double-decker bus that was travelling on the road.

The double-decker bus managed to brake in time to avoid hitting the black car.

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Some netizens had praise for the bus driver's fast reflexes.





Others suggested that there may be the possibility that the driver did not intentionally run the red light.






As the area has two traffic lights in close proximity to each other, the driver could have been looking at the wrong traffic light.