Driver makes illegal right turn at Newton Circus -- and even hurls vulgarities

A white Honda Civic was caught on camera making an illegal right turn at Newton Circus, nearly hitting another vehicle.

In a surprising turn of events, the driver of the Honda Civic was quick to hurl vulgarities at the driver of the vehicle that he nearly hit.

"Tonight, we watch Roads.SG or Beh Chia Lor," said the driver calmly in response to the verbal abuse.

True enough, he stuck to his word and a video of the entire incident was captured and posted on Roads.SG.

In the video, a white Honda Civic can be seen travelling on the left-most lane before turning right abruptly, nearly hitting the vehicle of the driver who had submitted the video. 

The driver had to swerve out of the way to avoid the Honda Civic.

According to the timestamp on the video, the incident took place on 11 Dec.

"As a result of your recklessness, I had to make that evasive manoeuvre right turn when I meant to head straight," read the caption on the video that was from the driver of the vehicle that was nearly hit.

The Honda Civic driver can be heard shouting in the video, "F***! I'm in the correct way!"

In a later part of the video, the Honda Civic driver continued to follow and rant at the other driver, even accusing him of road rage. This is despite the fact that the Honda Civic driver was, in fact, the one who had hurled vulgarities at the other driver earlier.

In his rant, the Honda Civic driver also said, "That is a circle lane you know." 

He then threatened to call the traffic police and told the car camera driver to 'come to the traffic police with him'.

While some netizens accused the car camera driver of excessive horning, the general consensus is that the Honda Civic driver was clearly in the wrong.

One eagle-eyed netizen was also quick to spot that the Honda Civic had indeed violated traffic rules as the driver was in a lane that was meant for going straight and yet he had turned right.

"Tip of the day: Get your facts right before you start an argument," wrote the car camera driver in the caption of the video.