E-scooter rider ignores motorcyclist who tells him to get off road, gets pulled over by LTA officers

A motorcyclist saw an e-scooter-rider travelling on the road along Tanglin Halt Road.

Knowing that e-scooters are not allowed on the roads, the motorcyclist called out to the rider and said: "You're not supposed to be on the road."

He repeated himself again after that but the e-scooter rider appeared to have ignored him and continued on his journey.

Soon after, three Land Transport Authority (LTA) officers pulled up beside the rider and got him to pull over as seen in this photo posted by Facebook user Minghui Ming

Netizens commented on the video that was posted on Medic Bikerz Singapura's Facebook page saying that the rider got what he deserved.

Watch the video below starting from the 1:55 mark.