Driver grateful to witness who left note on her Mercedes about hit-and-run in Clementi

Submitted by Stomper Li

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A woman found her car damaged and the victim of a hit-and-run accident on Saturday (Nov 12).

Stomper Li said she had parked her red Mercedes behind Sheng Siong supermarket at Block 352 Clementi Avenue 2 at around 1pm.

She recounted: "When I returned for my car at 10.30pm, I saw a note informing me that my car had been hit by a yellow taxi.

"And yes, the paint left on my car was yellow. There are still slight scratches near the left headlight after polishing, but I feel that the taxi driver should have at least left a note instead of the witness."

Li shared photos showing the damage on her car and the note that was written on tissue paper.

She added: "I would like to thank the person who left me this note on my car windscreen. Fortunately, God was kind and it was not raining too heavily so I could still see the words on the tissue paper.

"The witness was so nice to leave me this note. I am thankful. Thank you, kind anonymous person. :)"