Passer-by 'purposely' opens car door so hard that it damages Stomper's vehicle

Submitted by Stomper Chew

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It can be annoying when you return to your vehicle and find it damaged from someone having flung their own car door so carelessly.

However, Stomper Chew was inside her car when something like that happened to her.

The incident occurred at the carpark of Newton Food Centre on Saturday (Sept 24), at around 5.10pm.

Chew recounted: "My husband and son went down to the hawker centre to dabao food. However, because I was not feeling well, I stayed and lay down in our car.

"I had only been in the car for less than five minutes when I saw a woman go beside our car. She purposely opened her car door so hard and hit my front passenger door.

"I feel that she had the intention to hit my car door as before she opened her car door, she had looked at our car's front seat while I was resting in the passenger seat.

"I quickly got up but she had already gotten into her car and then drove out of the parking lot. She did not even apologise.

"Auntie, if you are not happy to drive, don’t drive. You are so old but still have no manners and are so inconsiderate. Shame on you.

"I won't bother to ask you to apologise to me but I will post a photo of your car here. I don’t usually anyhow report or complain, but this time I really cannot tolerate this kind of selfish behaviour.

"I hope other people can be careful when see this vandal's car and be aware of her bad behaviour."

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