Driver goes against traffic but tells Stomper he "doesn't know how to drive"

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous was driving in a carpark at Toa Payoh Stadium at 7.43pm on Wednesday (Jun 6) when he encountered a driver who went against the direction of traffic.

In a video Anonymous shared with Stomp, a car with licence plate number "SKX3544X" is seen stopping at one side of the road, facing the Stomper.

Road markings clearly indicate that the other driver is facing the opposite direction of traffic flow.

(Story continues after video)

Having insufficient space to manoeuvre his car, the Stomper then told the other driver that it was a one-way lane, to which the latter replied:

"Yeah it's very obvious, you can just cross right?"

The Stomper then retorted: "How I cross like that? How I cross?"

Before driving away, the other driver said: "You don't know how to drive is it? This [space] is big enough [to drive through]."

Anonymous said that he was "triggered" by the actions of this driver.

He said: "Usually people would just wave and apologise when in the wrong but this guy knew he was wrong yet still raised his voice at me."

"I will be reporting this to the Traffic Police."