Man angered by driver who went against traffic and "appeared out of nowhere"

Submitted by Stomper CS

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Stomper CS encountered a driver who went against traffic flow along Chang Charn Road yesterday morning (March 8) at around 9.30am.

The incident occurred on a one-way lane and nearly resulted in a collision, said the Stomper.

CS told Stomp: "I was travelling on the road when I realised a brown Toyota Wish had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was driving against the flow of traffic.

"The driver squeezed into my lane dangerously for no reason and nearly caused a head-on collision.

"He is breaking traffic rules and regulations by going in the opposite direction, and in the blind spot of other cars.

"He has no courtesy, no regard for rules, and is not mindful of his driving, thus committing a few traffic offences.

"This is very dangerous for other road users."