Taxi driver goes against traffic… and comes face to face with police car

Submitted by Stomper Dean

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A video of a taxi driver going against traffic on a one-way lane and coming face to face with a police car has been circulating online.

Stomper Dean received the video from some friends on WhatsApp and forwarded it to Stomp.

In the video, the SMRT cab driver is seen reversing after turning onto a one-way street, just mere metres from a patrol car ahead. 

The video ends as police officers alight from the patrol car, walking towards the taxi. 

The taxi driver could be seen getting out of his cab as well. 

Said Dean:

“I don’t know whether the driver is drunk or ‘sotong’, but this is ridiculous.

“Taxi drivers are usually very professional. 

“They usually look out for road signs also, so this just doesn’t make sense.”

It is unclear when or when this incident happened. 

Stomp has contacted the police for an official statement on the video.