Driver 'kena saman' for speeding and careless driving in Woodlands, arrested for suspected drug offences

Submitted by Stomper Fyza

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A van driver was arrested for suspected drug-related offences after being stopped and issued with summonses for traffic offences in Woodlands on Thursday morning (Oct 1).

The traffic police were patrolling along Woodlands Avenue 1 at around 8am when they spotted a van speeding and driving carelessly, a spokesman told Stomp in response to queries.

"The officer then signalled for the van driver to stop his van along the roadside to conduct a check," added the spokesman.

The 31-year-old male driver was issued with two summons for speeding and careless driving.

He was subsequently arrested for suspected drug-related offences and referred to the Central Narcotics Bureau.

Stomper Fyza was at the scene at around 9.30am and shared photos with Stomp.

She said: "I believe the driver was stopped and arrested. I saw him being handcuffed and the K-9 unit arrived too."

Investigations are ongoing.