Driver and passenger argue about car door being closed too forcefully

A driver and his passenger got into a heated argument after the latter was said to have closed the car door with too much force.

It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred.

A video posted by Facebook page Thelocalsociety on Wednesday (June 5) shows the private-hire driver and his passenger quarrelling for over two minutes.

A brief translation of their conversation:

Driver: If the car is spoilt, what problem will you have, you tell me.

Passenger: I lightly [closed] the car door, so what?

Driver: Ok, ok, let's stop talking about this. Forget it.

Passenger: Huh?

Driver: Lightly? To you is lightly.

Passenger: There's no need to be loud, you.

Driver: I'm just telling you, the car is mine. You don't have to -

Passenger: It's ok, you can video me! You can send [it] in! You not happy is it? It's ok. You have time, I will play with you.

Driver: It's not that I have time.

Passenger: Then I close the door, you make so much noise.

Driver: I'm not making noise, I'm just telling you. I'm telling you there's no need to use so much force.

Passenger: Very forceful meh?

Driver: Ok, ok.

Passenger: Not forceful, listen to the sound.

Driver: Ok, ok, forget it, forget it.

Passenger: What forget it? You ownself not happy, you ownself want to argue.

Driver: I'm not, I'm just telling you, you have to understand.

Passenger: Understand what?

Driver: No need to record la, no use recording.

Passenger: It's ok.

Driver: I have I also won't -

Passenger: You record lor, you send la. You send la, we play together. It's ok, we play together. We play together la.

[some back and forth]

Passenger: Is it loud? You think it's loud because you are inside the car. It's metal.

Driver: Afterwards I told you there's no need to use so much force. Don't do that. what did you reply? You say. You said you are not using a stick or metal. What is that supposed to mean? You are saying you want to hit my car with a stick and metal.

Passenger: I was just trying to explain to you. I was only explaining to you. I was just telling you.

Driver: I was also just telling you. You said you used your hand to knock.

Passenger: Carry on, carry on, carry on, carry on. Come, carry on. You carry on.

Driver: I don't need to carry on. I have nothing to say to you.

[momentary silence]

Passenger: Knock the door you also make noise.

Driver: Not making noise. The car is mine. I want to tell you. I want you to understand.

Passenger: No need to understand.

Driver: Ok, as you please.

Passenger: This door is metal.

Driver: The car is mine. If anything happens, I have to settle.

Passenger: Then you don't drive.

It is unclear what happened afterwards, but many netizens said the passenger was provoking the driver on purpose.