Door of neighbouring car hits Stomper's vehicle so hard, even his dashboard camera shakes

Submitted by Stomper Simple Singaporean

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Stomper Simple Singaporean was stunned when he found dents and scratches on the door of his car yesterday (Feb 12).

He described the red paint left on his car as "kidney red".

He had parked his car at a multi-storey carpark at 11A Boon Tiong Road from 5.30am.

After discovering the damage to his car, he immediately went to review his car camera video records to find out what had happened.

"At 6.52am, a Honda Vezel with licence plate number SKV7907S parked beside my car," he said.

"In the video, my car cam was shaking.

"It had recorded an impact at that moment.

"It would take a great force to be able to shake a stable car cam while the vehicle is parked."

The Stomper added that he had "parked properly" in the lot and had made very sure about this.

"I myself don't like drivers who don't park properly," he said.

"I don't even know this driver as I don't live in that location and it is the first time I parked in this carpark.

"Why is this driver so crazy to do this to my car?"

He hopes that by publishing this on Stomp, it will give the Honda driver the chance to contact him.

"I want to give this drive a chance to contact me to explain, own up and pay for my repair, or else I will lodge a police report against him as well as claim whatever needs to be claimed.

"So, driver of Honda SKV7907S, or his friends and relatives who recognise his car plate number, please contact me right away and I will settle the repair with you personally and amicably instead of reporting to police. 

"I would wait for you until Feb 14, 2018."