Don Don Donki clarifies pets aren't allowed in stores after Instagrammer posts photos of dog at City Square Mall outlet

Submitted by Stomper Dee

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Popular Japanese store Don Don Donki has clarified that pets are not allowed in their stores after photos of a dog at their City Square Mall outlet were posted on Instagram on Sunday (Aug 30).

Stomper Dee alerted Stomp to the Instagram Stories he saw posted online of a dog sitting in a food trolley at Don Don Donki and shared screenshots that he took of the posts.

In the screenshots, the dog can be seen sitting in a trolley near the beef section of the supermarket with the caption: "Accompanying Momma to buy groceries and my steak dinner".

Dee said: "This inconsiderate pet owner openly allowed her dog to sit in the trolley that is meant for food items. It is very unhygienic."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Don Don Donki said: "We were also made aware of these posts and we have reached out to the owner of this Instagram account.

"We have since clarified with her that pet animals such as dogs are not allowed in our premises according to the guidelines set by the National Environment Agency (NEA)."