Diner stunned at different portion sizes of same fish and chips set at two restaurant outlets

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Most diners would expect consistency across different restaurant outlets under the same restaurant chain.

One Stomper was extremely disappointed after he visited SZ Kitchen's Joo Koon outlet for lunch with his colleagues on Wednesday afternoon (Dec 21).

He told Stomp that he had eaten at SZ Kitchen at Gek Poh in Jurong West before so he had "high hopes".

"The seven of us went together and I recommended the popular fish and chips," he said.

"We ordered six sets and were stunned by the portion size."

He described the dish as only having "a few pieces of fish".

"The salad was also dry without any dressing," he said.

"It was overpriced and like a kids' meal to us."

He told Stomp he paid $10.80 for the set.

He also shared with Stomp a photo of the same dish he had ordered at SZ Kitchen's Gek Poh outlet to compare.

"I've had this a few times and the portion Is huge," he said.

"Usually, I cannot finish.

"There are a lot of fries too and the salad is nice with salad dressing."

He added that he believes the price of the fish and chips and the other outlet is also cheaper at $9.80.

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