Battle of the bee hoon: Xing Hua versus Putien, which is better?

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Update on Nov 13

Putien clarifies Stomper's feedback about bee hoon order

Original article

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, this is the match-up you have been waiting for.

The Heng Hwa bee hoon from Xing Hua versus the Heng Hwa bee hoon from Putien.

Stomper Pete ordered from both fine dining establishments to suss out who served the superior version of the rice vermicelli.

"For a few days, I ordered many times from Xing Hua for my parents who are over 70. On Sunday (Nov 6), I decided to try Putien, though the prices are higher," said the Stomper.

What is his verdict?

First, let's meet the contenders.

From Suntec City, the Xing Hua bee hoon is priced at $9 for a small serving and $12 for a medium, according to the Stomper. These prices are after 20 per cent off from Foodpanda. The delivery charge is 99 cents.

From Marina Bay Sands, the Putien bee hoon is priced at $12, one size only. No discount. Delivery is over $5 from Deliveroo.

Round 1: Portion size and ingredients

"The bee hoon from Xing Hua is a much bigger portion. There were tiny scallops, peanuts, seaweeds, lots of prawns and clams," said the Stomper.

"For the Putien bee hoon, no peanut, no seaweed, two prawns and very little clams. Plus some of the clams found were cracked. These were very dangerous for the elderly to consume. They might swallow those tiny cracked shells accidentally or even bite onto them and hurt their tooth."

Round 2: Appearance

"The overall appearance of the Putien bee hoon looks disappointing. The ingredients should be placed on top to make it look more attractive. But the ingredients were placed at the bottom. In order to get to the clams and prawns, we had to overturn the bee hoon and make a mess out of it."

Final round: Taste

"I would rate the Putien bee hoon a six out of 10. It was not as juicy and flavourful as the one from Xing Hua, which I would rate a nine of 10."

Bonus round: Other dishes

"For the Xing Hua handmade tofu (small $12, medium $17), it was really great (9/10)."

"For the Putien roasted meat ($16), almost all the pork pieces had a small portion of rubbery fat, which I had to spit out. Plus the pork was not crispy and crunchy at all (6.8/10).


Xing Hua by knockout.

Putien was "a disappointment", said the Stomper.