Man unhappy over $5.40 cai png, so we ordered the same thing to see how much it costs

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A man was upset to be charged $5.40 for a packet of economy rice as he found it too pricey for a hawker centre stall.

Stomper Teng visited Kovan Market and Food Centre, located at Block 209 Hougang Street 21, last Thursday (Nov 3), at around 5pm.

He was charged $5.40 for his meal of white rice with braised pork belly, bitter gourd and potatoes.

Teng said: "It's so expensive for a hawker centre that's managed by the government. I did not ask about the price and just paid, but I will not visit this stall again."

Asked how much he feels is a reasonable cost for his meal, Teng told Stomp: "$4."

On Monday afternoon (Nov 7), Stomp visited a neighbourhood coffee shop in Canberra to see how much we would be charged for economy rice with the same three dishes.

According to a price list displayed at the cai png stall at Block 120 Canberra Crescent, rice with one meat and two vegetables is $3.30 onwards.

We were charged $4.80 for rice with braised pork belly, bitter gourd and potatoes. While scooping the meat, the stall assistant specifically told us in Mandarin that it would cost $2.50.

And unlike the Stomper's meal, our bitter gourd was fried with egg.

While in the queue, we also saw another customer ordering braised pork belly. Similarly, she was told by the same stall assistant in English that the dish costs $2.50.

Do you agree with Stomper Teng that he was overcharged?

Comments (that nobody asked for) from this writer who had the above meal for lunch: "I ate food I was not interested in for this article. It's extremely filling, there's too much starch and I am having food coma now."