Diner feels the pinch of inflation after $8 lunch of 'cheap ingredients' at Toa Payoh coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper Hangry

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When you eat at a coffee shop, it's probably because you want an affordable meal within your budget.

Not end up spending $8 on lunch like Stomper Hangry.

Hangry said she visited a yong tau foo stall at Block 203 Toa Payoh North last Thursday afternoon (July 27) and was shocked by how much prices had gone up.

She told Stomp: "I have been patronising this stall for years, since at least 2017. Their noodles and ingredients were reasonably priced at $0.60 each.

"Sometime during the Covid-19 years, they started introducing more 'premium' ingredients with higher price tags, such as fried dumplings and psuedo-fancy stuff with cheese that cost $0.80 to $1. However, the noodles and standard ingredients like vegetables and processed food were still $0.60 each.

"Last week, I saw that they have introduced even more psuedo-atas ingredients at much higher pricing, such as minced meat for $1.60. These all had their prices tagged clearly.

"I did not see any prices listed anywhere for standard ingredients so I asked the staff and was a bit shocked when they told me it's $0.80 each."

Hangry added: "As I was very hungry, I just ordered from the stall anyway. I was charged $8 for my meal of kway teow and nine standard ingredients, just as I'd calculated.

"Still, I think this is a bit much for a coffee shop lunch. Yes yes, inflation and all, but to increase pricing by $0.20 per ingredient at one go is ridiculous.

"Furthermore, it's cheap ingredients like fishcake, hotdog and processed food. Even the premium stuff is mostly just fried food. The bean sprouts count as one ingredient too but I was given was so little of it."

The stall's increase in pricing is evident when comparing old posts on their Facebook page against their current menu.

2021 menu versus 2023 menu:

The Stomper said: "Other coffee shop stalls are still selling yong tau food at $0.60 per ingredient. The stall at the food court near my house is selling ingredients at $0.80 each. I might as well eat in comfort in aircon.

"I fully acknowledge that I could have ordered something else from another stall, but I just want to share how much costs f living and the price of everything have gone up. Food portion and quality did not increase nor improve, but everything just keeps getting more expensive. It's crazy!

"From other Stomp reports I've read, I am clearly not the only one who feels this way."

Asked if she would visit the stall again, Hangry responded: "Unlikely."

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