Diner concerned after seeing pigeons flying into stalls at Yishun eating house

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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Stomper Jason was eating at BGAIN 293 Eating House in Yishun at 1.23pm on Aug 24 when he saw pigeons flying into a few stalls.

According to him, there were about four birds in one of the stalls. 

Jason said: "The birds were inside, within the stall, at the food preparation area. They were flying down and picking up the food and then flying back up on the refrigerator.

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"The person at the stall was just doing her stuff.

"That wasn't the only stall with birds flying around, I see the birds flying into other stalls too.

"I feel that more should be done the on the management's [of the eating house] part to ensure the cleanliness of its stalls."

Being in the food industry himself, Jason wanted to share his concern regarding the cleanliness of food preparation in Singapore.

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