Pigeons have a feast at Beauty World Centre food court -- even when patrons are still eating

Submitted by Stomper Rk

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Stomper Rk was having lunch in the food court at Beauty World Centre at about 2.30pm on Monday (Aug 6) when he saw flocks of pigeons around the hawker centre. 

Rk, who is a frequent patron of this hawker centre, said that this problem has been going on for years.

He said: "I used to come here two to three times a week, but now I come two to three times a month, because of this pigeon problem.

"The pigeons were very daring, they just continued eating even though I was quite near them.

"Sometimes when I chase them away from one table, the birds will fly lowly past other tables where people are eating.

"The poor stall holders also have to regularly run and chase away these birds.

"I just feel that it is unhygienic for the birds to be so near, the food might be contaminated by their bird droppings."

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