Diner asks Sembawang stall why his unagi is so small compared to photo, surprised by their response

Submitted by Stomper AL

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Complaints about food prices, portions and quality are on the rise.

Most involve diners who are shocked by the cost of their meal when making payment, but foot the bill anyway and then air their grievances on Stomp.

Understandably, people prefer to avoid confrontation or making a scene. It is easier to just eat your food and then let off steam online.

Stomper Al, however, decided to speak up when the Korean bento set he ordered from a coffee shop stall in Sembawang was not up to par.

The $7 meal consists of unagi, pork, kimchi and rice.

It was not Al's first time ordering from the stall but he has never had issues before.

He told Stomp: "I was surprised by how tiny the eel was. In the photo on the signboard, it looks like such a big and thick piece. But what I got was way different. Look at all the empty space in the bento box.

"I went to ask the vendors why the unagi was so small. They gave some weird reason about it being not from a fresh batch. Why serve it if it's not fresh then?

"They then told me to wait and prepared another piece for me. I was surprised by their service recovery."

Al felt that the new portion of unagi was a lot more reasonable.

He added: "I am not naming the stall or exact location as I feel like the vendors handled my feedback graciously.

"The point of me sharing this is to show that sometimes we just need to speak up so that we consumers don't get taken advantage of. I know eel is not cheap and I usually do not complain, but the original portion was simply not acceptable.

"Of course, we should also show some empathy as it is not easy to run a business and they have to cover lots of expenses too.

"It is a two-way street."

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