Woman stunned that 'even food in public hospitals is so expensive' after $6.80 meal

Submitted by Stomper SGLady

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Food prices are on the rise everywhere, whether you dine at a coffee shop, food court or restaurant.

Stomper SGLady recently found out that the same applies even at public hospitals.

She was shocked to be charged $6.80 for a meal at KK Women's and Children's Hospital on Friday (Feb 10), at around 9.50am.

The Stomper had ordered fried bee hoon, egg, hashbrown and fishcake from a stall at the hospital's Healthy Kopitiam food court.

She said: "Food is so expensive, even in public hospitals. This plate of bee hoon is $6.80. When I asked why it was so expensive, I was told that the hashbrown is $2 and the fishcake is $2."

It was SGLady's first time making a purchase from the stall.

Asked how much she was expecting to pay or what would be a reasonable price, she told Stomp: "$4 to $4.50."